Mentally Massacred.

Mentally Massacred.

My name is Devin Lowe. I'm a 21 year old, pansexual, Transman.

Originally from Houston, Texas. Now living in New York.  Kool Kids online

Here you'll find posts on LGBTQ & general human rights issues such as racism, sexism, and political agendas.

I'm also an extreme lover of poetry, so you'll get a lot of that here, of others, as well as my own. I post a lot of graffiti, street, contemporary, classical & modern art.

I'm fascinated by the extreme light and the extreme dark, and I believe there is both in each and every one of us.

Stay beautiful.

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Don’t trust brown/black boys who like white girls. And no I don’t mean I’m against interracial relationships. I mean the type who put white girls up on pedestals, who treat them like a challenge, who glorify their beauty, their colored eyes, their light hair, all that while simultaneously dehumanizing and objectifying them. The ones who target white girls, who use them as status symbols. Don’t trust these boys. They’ve been poisoned.

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“Students who acquire large debts putting themselves through school are unlikely to think about changing society. When you trap people in a system of debt, they can’t afford the time to think.”

Noam Chomsky (via suddenlyalive)

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this is what i just picked up from the grocery store. it cost $32. Thirty. two. dollars. for 1 pineapple, 2 bags of grapes, a small container of raspberries, 1 soft drink and 2/$1 nuts…. 
do you know how much junk food i could have for $32? do you have any clue how much McDonald’s you can get for $32?
stop shaming fat people poorer than you or people poorer than you in general for not eating healthier. stop lying about how cheap it is or how it’s comparable to fast food. just stop.


quimbycub:willow-wanderings:nedahoyin:queenqueerqutie:Martin BauendahlReal life vs Societal expectationsWow..Yeah, news flash people, boobs generally only look “perky” while in a bra. A few are super lucky and have naturally perky boobs, most don’t. And this is because, SURPRISE, boobs are intended to feed babies and it’s hard for a baby being cradled in mum’s arm to reach a nipple that’s on the other side of the boob from where its mouth is.Think of a soda fountain machine. The spouts are all pointing down, right? So you can put soda in a cup being held under the spout? If the spout was sticking straight out, it would be really hard to get a soda out of it.Babies need to be able to reach a nipple easily so they can eat. Ergo, nipples are usually lower and angled more downward on a naturally hanging boob, both so it’s easier for a baby to reach and so gravity can do its part in pulling milk toward the nipple.So there you go, outright ANATOMICAL proof that boobs are not there for the benefit of men.Thank you for that. I never realized. Thanks.Read the comment ! V interesting


Please remember that the word “riot” has been used to silence Black political action before. It trivializes Black actions as senselessly violent or worse yet, unprovoked. “Riot” is “uncontrolled behavior” or “a public disturbance”.

This isn’t a riot. This is a demonstration. This is a wake up call.

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“Never forget what a person says to you when they are angry.”

Henry Ward Beecher (via quotationadmiration)

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fun date idea: pay for my tattoo

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I feel handsome. Also, hungry. It’s pizza time.🍕

That transguy you posted is an awful role model. He runs steroids all year around and constantly cheats on his gf. The loser blocks you if you don't respond to his passes. Trust me, he's pretty open about his steroid use. Ask him yourself.


Well that’s sad, but I’m not interested in his personal life, I never considered him a role model to begin with. I was only interested in the comparison photo.

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